If you are having problems at home with your wireless router or need assistance setting it up visit  This website is designed to be a support to customers who are running into some trouble or have questions getting their router and internet going.  It is a user friendly website that allows visitors to ask questions based on the model Netgear wireless router they may have and then directs them from there.  

The Netgear router setup website literally shows computer users with pictures and basic illustrative instructions how and where to find information concerning their devices that is needed for them to receive help to answer their questions. directs visitors to the Netgear support site which gives visitors a list of products that they can assist them with.  They have a collection of various kinds of products such as wireless controllers, adapters, routers, voip, and more.  

New buyers of Netgear products have the option to register their product on the Netgear website which will help visitors in the future if they need to get help diagnosing problems with their own device.  Other benefits to registering are customers will receive access to telephone support, receive special offers, and more.  

With the popularity of discussion forums, visitors of the website can engage other Netgear product users within the online forum.  There are a range of topics being discussed all the time and many times users can find answers to their problems and learn a lot from other users.  Forums are a huge help for anyone that is willing to interact with other members.  There are valuable tips that can be shared to help others.

If you are a customer who needs exact instruction on how to install the Netgear device that you just purchased then at the online site you will find instructions laid out for routers and adapters.  There are installation videos that will step by step guide you through each phase of installing your product.  After you get the product installed if there are any configuring needs then you can find more help for that too.


Another popular section of the website is the FAQ section or Frequently Asked Questions section.  Every vendor website should have a FAQ section.  These sections save visitors time and energy trying to find an answer to a common problem that many other people are experiencing.  There is a lot of help for anyone just within this section alone.

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